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An April Baby Shower

 An afternoon in April 2023 

The Banquet Hall 

40 guests 

Buffet, cocktail and juice bar, themed dessert station 


In anticipation of the arrival of a baby boy, family, friends, and loved ones gathered to celebrate with all things baby blue and teddy bear themed. From delightful finger foods to irresistibly sweet treats, we ensured every aspect of the event was as delightful as can be. See below for the custom menu and some of our favorite moments from the event. 

Best Baby Shower Caterer

Baby blue accents and teddy bear decor charmed and captivated guests as they gathered to celebrate. An abundant display of flavor-packed small bites and entrées had guests coming back for second helpings. The cocktail and juice bar ensured refreshments kept effortlessly flowing throughout the festivities and celebrations. Included in the sweeter fare, flaky & tender filled donuts paired wonderfully with decorated cookies and adorable teddy bear cake pops. The showstopper of the impeccable dessert spread was the three-tiered baby blue cake, which perfectly captured the excitement of the soon-to-be parents for their baby boy. 




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